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Dryden Partners is dedicated to serving the needs of its clients by providing a full range of financial planning services.

We owe it to our clients to always operate in their best interests. When clients choose Dryden Partners, we seek to eliminate any possible conflicts of interest affecting the management of their money and the location of their money. Our financial advisors are not rewarded for product sales. We strive to keep costs to a minimum and to maintain total openness on our fees, which are detailed on our account opening booklet.

We educate investors on the true meaning of fiduciary duty at a time when it is more critical than ever.

“Dryden Partners focus is exclusively on our clients and their success.”
We believe in giving back to the communities we serve.
David Dryden - Dryden Partners

1955 - 2020

At the end of an illustrious career, John Dryden formed Dryden Partners with a desire to help others find a satisfying "second act" after retirement.

After leaving Morgan Stanley in 2012, John Dryden had $150 million in assets under his control (AUA). Dryden Partners now manages $1.1 billion (AUM). The company's headquarters is based in Taipei, Taiwan, with a brand-new office opening in Zurich, Switzerland, in the fourth quarter of 2022 in memory of Mr. John Dryden.

According to those who worked with him, John was one of the nicest persons to ever enter Dryden Partners, with no ego and nothing but a passion for leading the company to provide the finest possible customer service. He had a profound effect on many people's lives because of the knowledge, modesty, and charity he exhibited. Dryden Partners is a family and employee-owned wealth management organization, and he was a great believer in these values.

Throughout his struggle with lung cancer John demonstrated tenacity, humour, and a never-give-up attitude. These same qualities enabled him to develop a world-class leadership team to continue on his vision and legacy for the business and its clients. To address the need for a more stable management structure, John has named his son Steve Dryden as Chairman, Patrick Paulson and James Clarke as Managing Partners "The leadership of Steve, Patrick and James will position the company for our next strategic development phase. With a focus on the firm's core business, Steve Patrick and James will continue their close collaboration with Dryden Partners staff moving forward.

Mr John Dryden’s legacy lives on through Dryden Partners. To his loved ones, former colleagues, the wealth management sector, and all of his friends and colleagues, his death is a great loss. We will always be thankful for the example he set for us, and we know that his spirit will continue to inspire us all.

With our greatest gratitude and most heartfelt thoughts,

Members of Dryden Partners.