Answers to the most commonly asked questions

Prior to committing to a wealth management company, it is natural to ask questions about our wealth management process and how we tailor our approach to match your specific objectives. Dryden Partners is prepared to assist you in achieving your financial objectives. Read more below or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our Senior Wealth Managers or Wealth Advisors; after a suitable investment has been determined, a dedicated support specialist will be assigned to you. They will undoubtedly aid you in submitting an "Account Opening Booklet," which is required for opening an account with Dryden Partners.

Our clientele vary from seniors with several millions living off their savings to young professionals with small amounts who regularly save and add to their assets, to companies and non-profit organisations with substantial sums to invest, and everything in between. As a result, there is no minimum investment amount with us. For accounts under $10,000, we normally accept individuals who demonstrate a commitment to save and invest over time in order to achieve their financial goals.

There are 5 steps to follow:
  1. Download the account opening booklet, which you may fill online. Information such as your name, years of investment experience, liquid assets, and next of kin will be requested from you in the booklet. To complete the process, please sign, print, and bring a government-issued photo ID with you when you return the booklet.
  2. After we have purchased your shares, you will receive the complete trade pack the following business day.
  3. Your share purchase agreement and W8 BEN forms will be emailed to you.
  4. To complete the registration process with the transfer agent, you must sign, date, and return your trade pack.
  5. Your client services representative will call you and walk you through the final steps of the transfer agent payment procedure.

It's important to note that Dryden Partners is not a bank or a money handling institution. The Transfer Agent’s role is to hold your money in escrow until the stock is officially transferred to you. Any financial transaction that you undertake with Dryden Partners, involving a third party Transfer Agent is guaranteed and protected and we assume all liability for any potential damages caused by the negligence of such third party. Please go to this page for further information.

In the US Capital Markets T+2 is a shorthand for trade plus two days, indicating when securities transactions must be settled.

You may access your accounts and performance via Dryden Partners' secure client portal at any time.

Our clients participate on a variety of levels. Some just want to contribute to strategy development and then hand over the keys to us for implementation and monthly/quarterly evaluations. Others want to participate more actively.

It is all up to you. At the very least, you would speak with your advisor once a week. Once we've established a foundation, we'll arrange for you to travel out to our Taipei City or Zurich offices, depending on where your advisor is located. We give monthly reports to you and are always ready to meet as required. If the call is critical, you will get direct contact information for your advisor as well as our switchboard numbers. Simply phone our client support, ask for your advisor, and you will be transferred directly through. If your advisor is not available, you may leave a message or send an email to be contacted.

Dryden Partners is a global leader in providing financial advice, consultancy, and research. International equities portfolios managed by Dryden Partners have generated an annual return of 28% over the previous six years, outperforming all major benchmarks. Much of this success has been driven by their enormously experienced staff, which has been carefully picked based on the skill sets they can bring to the table from some of the world's biggest financial institutions.

Our investing strategy is basic in nature, taking into account current market circumstances and macroeconomic developments. We make tactical modifications as needed while remaining committed to allocating your portfolio strategy in accordance with your aims and objectives.

Our firm was founded by Mr. John Dryden in 2013 and his legacy lives on through Dryden Partners. To his loved ones, former colleagues, the wealth management sector, and all of his friends and colleagues, his death in 2020 is a great loss.

Certainly. First, you might try to see whether your question has previously been answered on one of the other Frequently Asked Questions pages. In such case, write to us at If you have any questions about Dryden Partners or how we may help you reach your financial goals, we'd be happy to answer them.